We love New Zealand made!

There is nothing more Kiwi than the faint jingle of an ice cream truck followed by a mad dash across the burning hot sand to grab an ice cream. At The Marilyn we take ice cream seriously, and we figured that if we are going to be representing such a nostalgic kiwi past time we had better do it properly. So from now on we will be doing our best to bring you as many locally made products as possible. We love you New Zealand!

Kohu Road

Kohu Road is a small independant ice cream manufacturer in Auckland, with their ice cream and sorbets being hand crafted the traditional way using real food ingredients they are often described as "the best ice cream I have ever tasted". Kohu Road  are dedicated to their passion – real food, made simply.


Six barrel soda co

Pals since the ’90s, Joe & Mike started Six Barrel Soda Co. in 2012 to shake up a flat soft drink market with creative flavours and a new level of quality. Their range includes cola six, cherry & pomegranate, lemonade, ginger ale, sarsaparilla, raspberry & lemon, salted cucumber & mint all of which are hand made with real ingredients. 


Local Berries

We will be sourcing the best frozen berries for our real fruit ice creams. Straight from the bushes, berries are quick frozen to preserve quality and taste  sealed for freshness. They are then delivered to our door where we nurture them until you are ready to eat them. Yum!